Stockholm, Sweden.

Confess is a hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. In late 2007 the lead singer John Elliot formed the band, and soon Samuel would join the band as the drummer. The band started write their own material right away, and a few club shows were immedialtelly on the schedule. The band released a demo in 2008 and the response were really good. Danne joined for the guitar, and the writing for the debut album “Lights out” were in it’s making. Confess went in to the studio in early 2010 to record the album Lights out. During the recording process Confess got signed by american based label Sliptrick Records. Another guitarist was added to the band named Blomman (The flower boy). In the early summer 2011 Confess headed out for a Show-case tour i Latvia with Sliptrick friends, Thyreos & Scarlet violet. In the fall of 2011 Confess entered the Soundfraction Studios to begin the recording of album # 2 – The gin act. The album was produced/mixed by Johan lund and Co-producer Eddie Siojo. Right after the recording of “The gin act” a new bass player joind the band; Mr. Lucky.
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  • Cecilia

    Ser verkligen fram emot nya plattan, har sett er live lfera gånger ni är GRYMMA!!

  • Iggix

    They are very good!!

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